Change in QVC sales policy?


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Jul 16, 2008
I just noticed this whilst browsing on the QVCUK website and thought it might be of interest.

What's an ‘As is’ product?
‘As is’ products are products which are not in their original manufactured condition or packaging. Our ‘As is’ products may be returns from other customers, or come from discounted ranges.

On occasions we will repackage ‘As is’ products.

A product's original manufacturer warranty no longer applies when it becomes an ‘As is’ product.

Our standard customer returns policy continues to apply to all ‘As is’ products.
I've never seen/heard anything described as an "AS IS" product. Surely they've got to tell you what is and isn't - I'll definately be checking more closely what I buy. Cheeky bugxxxrs!!
Well spotted - I haven't seen this, and I'll certainly look out for it against anything I buy.
The "As Is" message seemed to be showing on at the bottom of the page on all items but it has now disappeared.
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Well spotted scissorhands very interesting that is,almost as if someone's been watching things on here:cool:

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