Ceylon Sapphire


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Certainly a pretty design Keisha, but i would have no idea re Gems enhancement procedures. Hope its lovely if you decide to get it home.
I like it!
I have a Gems ceylon sapphire, just be advised that almost all their web pictures are enhanced these days, it won't be quite that vibrant, but I imagine it will be a good cornflower blue. Mine certainly is, but that pic looks electric - it won't be.
I presume that it's the picture enhancement you're asking about, rather than gem enhancements?
It's a lovely ring Keisha, as Pearly says, the photo probably isn't the colour you will get. When wondering if something is 'worth it', ask yourself if it's something you'll wear a lot, and could you get something similar for the same price elsewhere?

The good thing about buying from Shopping Telly, is that if it doesn't suit, you can always send it back, and all you've lost is a few pounds P&P.


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