Centigrade Full Length Simulated Shearling Coat


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Dec 2, 2008
Not been here for a lonnnnnng time - I used to be Dancing Queen.

Have got my Centigrade coat (item no 124613) out again now it is very cold here oop North. I know a lot of peeps have this coat and I am in no way unhappy with it BUT it has got rather 'cardboardy'. The top outer layer seems to be coming away from the backing layer ( I assume they are bonded together). I have washed it a few times and worn it loads, and frankly I'm getting a bit bored with it, just thought peeps might like to know what the future may hold before they buy! My other gripe with this coat is the number of times I have had to sew the buttons on - I think this is because the fabric of the coat is so thick. I have never managed to create a shank for the button which has lasted very long at all.

Hope this might help someone.
Hi Dorothyredboots (love the name)

I have this coat and got it down from the loft at the weekend. Like you said, the 2 layers seem to be coming apart at the cuffs. It isn't noticeable if I turn the cuffs back but it has put me off wearing it.

I'm going to a car boot sale on Sunday so I think I'll get rid of it there. How much do you think I should ask? It hasn't been washed (I probably have only worn it 3 times), but I got it at the Warrington outlet store so only paid £9 (ish).

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