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Nov 21, 2008
On reading through some past posts I noticed a few which criticised Catherine, implying she was a bit of a bimbo? I like her, she always come across as very friendly and empathetic and seems very genuine. What's the reason for the comments, am I missing something?
I personally think that she comes across as very fake. I guess some people think different things thats all hun.
I have met Catherine at a customer event. She is a really nice friendly person and my husband and I liked her.
I am sure in real life she is a lovely lady,but her presenting style is naff...surpassed only by the ridiculous Claire Sutton and the silly Claudia Sylvester,both of whom need to go back to "presenter school" :20:
I just find her "too nicey nicey" to the extent that it comes across to me as completely false. Have to turn the sound off on craft hours when she's on.

As you say, everyone thinks differently.

P x
I like her and think that she probably just happens to be nice. Niceness can be genuine and not always put on.
I like her and think that she probably just happens to be nice. Niceness can be genuine and not always put on.

Yea l agree but she nearly goes up presenters bums and that to me isn't real. Example Dawn Bibby. Sorry but thats how l feel. Mybe l'm wrong but l have to turn over when shes on.
her hair looks a damn sight better with the highlights in. she was starting to resemble Mystic Meg
It's like Rachel on Big Brother. Sometimes people being nice is interpreted as 'fake'. Sometimes, they are fake, but I have every reason to believe that Catherine is a genuinely nice, caring person, & I admire her attitude on life.
I think she is very well spoken and is always smartly dressed which is a change from a number of the Female presenters. On the theme of dress why is it that Mrs Roberts never wears shoes, who wears Flip Flops in the Winter.
Case in point last night on the TSV launch "actually I'm wearing an Extra Small!" well bully for you, you could've done with a size bigger! It didn't look like it would fasten comfortably!
I can't get away with Catherine at all. I know some people think Claire is sickly sweet and overly 'nice' but I think Catherine is way worse. Plus she does that whistley thing when she speaks which drives me mad!

Can't stick Sara either, she is definately my least favourite presenter, she seems to be on a mission to use as many long flowery words as humanly possible.:22:

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