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Jul 9, 2008
cath huntley has just said "honestly everyone has commented on how lovely i look and i told them it was the kim&co tsv."i know most of the presenters are from acting school but are they having a laugh.
hhmmm...lets see how many times we see her wearing that outfit in the future (or any of the other presenters for that matter.....NEVER...I've never seen any of them wear any of the fashion they say they love)....yes yes...I know they are only doing their job of sales person, but there's really no need to gush about how much they lurve Kim & Co, Michelle Hope etc etc.....:53:
I find Kim like a robot ! she never comes up for air and pulls strange faces. Does she wear a wig ? These clothes are truly revolting and like something my nan used to wear in the early 70s
This awfully old fashioned range must sell in gazzilions....otherwise the monotone Mendelson woman wouldn't get all the hours of air time she does.

Between her and the equally dull Liz Earle,they've got QVC stitched up!
:wtf: does Chuntley think she looks like :?:

an absolute abomination.

btw do you reckon that the atrocious review on QVCs website of the TSV was submitted by Ann Dawson:?::scared:
Yes !

Who buys this stuff ? I have never seen many people in it and its the same style, smae colours they have been selling for 8 years. Its also extremely over priced the same with Michele Hope stuff.
I just have to say something in support of Kim & Co clothes - why do you all hate them so much?:mad:

I'm 40 years old and have quite a few pieces of Kim & also KNC. They are lovely. I have a few twinsets and 3/4 sleeve tops which I wear for school and they are really nice. The children often comment how stylish I am - and if anyone knows anything about teenagers they don't say things like that very often. I take great pride in my appearance and buy the majority of my work clothes from Next and my going out clothes from Karen Millen.

It all depends what you wear them with and Kim herself often suggests mixing her clothes with more traditional office wear. I wear mine with suits / skirts / trousers and they look smart. I've got a few sparkly outfits which I wear every single Christmas and someone always asks me where I got them from.

I'm not a great fan of the brightly coloured pieces, and think the fabric looks better in black, chocolate and shades of grey. Some of the patterns are a bit hit and miss but others are lovely. This can happen with the best of designers and high street stores - they always have a few ropey items on the sale rail.

I don't 'sweat' in them :eek:and I'm not sure where this idea comes from. They feel cool when it is warm and warm when the temperature drops.

I ordered the TSV in black for my Mum and at 58 she is at Uni and is really trendy (shops in Karen Millen as well). It will be a good addition to her winter wardrobe and I think will be versatile. It is a great price for 2 pieces and she probably won't bump into anyone else wearing it, which is not something you can say about the majority of high street shops.

I can't be the only person who buys her clothes as she wouldn't be on this often. So come on Kim fans - back me up:1:
well someone must be buying them.

not for me tbh and my mum who is 70 said they might appeal to her when she gets old.

but hey, we are all different, and we cannot all like the same style

sadly i sweat like a horse even in pure cotton

my close friend who is a pre op transexual, he has 6 more months living as a woman before he gets his op, he loves kim and co, but i have not the heart to tell him he could look way nicer with better clothes, but he hates the whole changing room thing on the high street and to be honest kim & co do kinda hide his masculine bulges, and he can try at his lesure with no sarcastc shop assistants insulting him, believe me this is awful to witness. also the 'give' in the fabric helps with his weight fluctuations due to his hormone program

so because of this i am happy that qvc have a very much needed market covered, as i am sure many pre op transexuals buy lots from kim and co, he did try to call kim today on air but 'they lost his connection':33:
I'm sure that some kim and co items mixed in with the rest of the wardrobe would not be so bad. After all alot of it is twin sets and trousers which are not offensive. I think the problem is when the models and presenters are dressed head to foot in the stuff all in the same colour that it just looks wrong. However I am sure that if someone was wearing a kim and co blouse with a pair of black trousers then it would look fine. From QVC kim n co are probably one of the better ranges..quacker, artscape, basso, hope & centigrade are worse offenders imo!!
I've got several (ok,hundreds)of pieces of Kim & co from years ago & still wear them.
I loved her early designs,her lovely Velvets & her glittery outfits were fab.
Like Miss QVC,I still take mine out at Christmas & always get very favourable comments.
A particular fave of mine is the silver glitter embroidery on black velvet outfit bought about 10 years ago.Might sound ott but it's really subtle & still looks good imo.
Haven't bought anything in ages though as I'm not crazy about Slinky & the big florals are horrible imo but now & again she does bring some ok designs.
I've got several (ok,hundreds)of pieces of Kim & co from years ago & still wear them.
I loved her early designs,her lovely Velvets & her glittery outfits were fab.
Like Miss QVC,I still take mine out at Christmas & always get very favourable comments.

I knew I wasn't the only one!

Thanks for being brave Marzy:1:
I can't say I'm a massive Kim fan, but, as with Kirks Folly, I can't see why people on this forum have to be quite so offensive - I think it's insulting to people who like the products - my husband used to be a high end jeweller and he is impressed with the techniques used by KF for their enamelling as it happens - to each his own - of course everyone has an opinion, but a little mnore thoughtfulness wouldn't go amiss, surely all forum members should feel comfortable here.
some of kim&co is alright. but i would not buy it because i feel its too expensive. i did chortle a little yesterday when a t-caller phoned in to say that she picked up a cardigan for £1 in a charity shop.i was not sure how kim took it, her expressive eyes lit up in a sad dreamy kind of way. but catherine who is really a pro handled it quite well.

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