Casual & Co Kaftan Set TSV


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Daisy L

Registered Shopper
Jul 3, 2008
I've just checked, the set which was a TSV a couple of weeks ago, is back in stock in all sizes and colours and it is at the TSV price! Credit crunch probably...;)

I missed out on the coral but now managd to order it at the TSV price.:D
Thanks for posting that - I missed out on the turquoise one and I've just ordered it now. They are really nice, aren't they?!
I'm annoyed that its back at TSV price because supposedly that price is only available for the 24 hours - thats why you have to buy that day. - and I bought 3 sets since I didn't want to miss out.:confused:

If it was at that price ongoing it would enable us to spread purchases.

Isn't having it at the same price against advertising rules?

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