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Oct 28, 2008
My hat goes off to Carol after watching tonight. A very frustrating night for everyone it seems. With the tech problems as well, auctions were very slow at times, and prices dropping very low. Carol sailed through all this, with no real signs of stress or hassle or etc that have been apparent & getting to people in the last few weeks.

She was obviously tired toward the end, but was still cheerful & zany. This is the Carol we know from earlier days. All credit to her for perhaps reading the threads here & pulling it all back together. She is still a tad loud at times!!!...but thats Carol.

Great 'show' & well done to Carol & the crew.
Yep,mothster.......I agree Carol is back to the old Carol we love,zany and oft loud.

There were obviously many problems tonight but she never let it get to her and boy did she look weary towards the end.

The girl did good:35:
From what i could see after a 2 hour log in problem and missing a pendant twice because i could see the auctions but not log in ...things seemed a little more back to the Ole carol even tho i was pulling my hair out and foaming at the mouth oh well i can try later but dont think my nerves will stand it tho..

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