Can i have some advice please???


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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Ok, as you know if have some items in my basket yet to check out. Could i have some advice on these before i remove or keep either? TYIA

Here are the two codes:

311 712 Ratnakiri Zircon ring @ £29

790 288 Rubellite ring @ £57

Advice,views or opinions please :)

I like this one,very pretty,a good carat weight for £29 too


A simple pretty design,again a decent carat weight for £57,gotta be worth a look.

Good choices Tabs:1:
Hiya Tabs I saw the rubellite ring on the tv and it looked a really nice ring and rubellite looked a really good colour (I just love rubellite). Haven't seen the zircon ring but good price for ct weight but think the gold weight is a bit on the low size though.
Both really pretty Twinny. I love Rubellite and I have good reason to believe Santa Claus may be bringing me one :9: I've been looking for Rubellite for ages and I got some info from Meeshoo (our resident Encyclopedia and my Gems Heroine) with regards to what I should be looking for. I watched our former fav channel for months looking for the right one but theirs was very dark and brownish so I never got one. The ones I have seen on Rocks and Co look fab and the one Lynda got looks lovely in her pic. I say go for it Twinny you can always send them back or to your fav Scottish person who was seperated from you at birth!!
Thanks all, still not fully decided on what to do yet. Twinny, the one i have from the other side looks similar colour wise to the one currently in my basket, i did think and wonder if they could be worn either side of wedding band? Decisions decisions...whats a gal to do?:33:

Meeshoo is such a wealth of gemstone knowledge isn't she? She's helped me avoid "disaster purchases" more than once! Where would we be without her?

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