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Jun 24, 2008
I have just received the California steam styler I ordered from Thane two days ago, yes two days ago..for the princely sum of £5 + £3.95 p&p. It's a steam assisted straightener with interchangable ceramic coated plates, you get a straighting plate, and waving plate and a detangling plate, plus a hairbrush, and it comes in a handy wrap. It's got temperature control, it heats nice and quickly, and what's more it's does a pretty good job of your hair!

If you get the ST 10% as well, it's even more of a bargain. I am now tangle free for the first time in ages, usually just brushing doesn't really work and is really painful, this really really helped get the worst of the tangles out, and I finished it off with the hairbrush..I've straightened as well now and my hair looks fab even if I do say so myself.

This would be good just for a bottom drawer present if you don't need one yourself..brilliant offer...well done Thane!

It's down from £59.99!!!!! Ok, that's well overpriced, but a can't argue with that can you?!
Thanks merryone have just ordered a set, was looking for some new straighteners, so will give these a go at the bargain price plus the 10% off.
Thanks merryone have just ordered a set, was looking for some new straighteners, so will give these a go at the bargain price plus the 10% off.

Ordered at 9.40 on Wednesday, here by 7.30 today (Friday). Other companies could learn from Thane (QVC). Am going to try them later.
I've ordered some too - been growing my hair for a while so I was looking for some cheap straightners to try. Great spot these.
Mine arrived about an hour ago and I used it to make my poker straight hair wavy:1: Thanks again Merryone for a great bargain find:10:

You're welcome! I've honestly never had so many compliments about my hair since I've been using this styler..I'm so pleased with it. I've had straighteners before, but I can honestly say, none have done a better job of my hair than these. I think it's a combination of the wider plates, and the steam, and of course the fabulous "detangler" plate!
Thanks again merryone. Have used them now and can't believe the difference. My other, much dearer ones seem to drag on my hair, but not these. Well worth the original price of £50 odd. OH couldn't believe how much thay should have been and how much I paid, for once I could be truthful about the price!!:1:
Gosh, this is a bargain. I've just ordered it. I sold my Babyliss straighteners recently because they dragged on my hair (which is wispy, fine and wavy) even with lots of 'product'. I'm using a Conair set that I bought in the US (my b/f is out there, so I have hairdryer, etc. at his flat) with an adapter plug, but for under £9 including P&P, these are definitely worth a try.

Because my hair is so fine, a lot of the products for straightening (such as Frizz-Ease) tend to weigh my hair down and make it look greasy, even if I only use a tiny bit. But I bought a serum recently which I later found out is designed for Afro hair (I bought it in the Sally Beauty place in Harlow). It's fantastic. I use the tiniest amount, literally half a dozen drops, into damp hair, dry with a hair dryer and a paddle brush and then use the straighteners and it comes out soft, silky, shiny and without that 'weighed down' feeling. You'll find it in any Afro-Caribbean hair place.
I got mine yesterday and tried it last night, with excellent results. For a fiver it's great value for money.

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