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Jun 24, 2008
Having run out of supplies some months ago, I was finally contacted by the Calico fudge people that they have an appearance today - I assume on the Festive Food slot! If you crave it as much as I do (people are very impressed by my home-made fudge!) then now's your opportunity!
Oh my god my hips my hips!!!
Love this range of goodies specially the fudge pies,vanilla fudge,caramel fudge,chocolate fudge, in fact i just love calico fudge.:7:
Oh my god my hips my hips!!!
Love this range of goodies specially the fudge pies,vanilla fudge,caramel fudge,chocolate fudge, in fact i just love calico fudge.:7:

I have managed to resist - for this reason - that is up till now. Might just not watch - just in case.......:33:
I've ordered a pack. Oddly, I'm not tempted to make it that often, but it's great for quick and impressive gifts - pretty bag, pretty ribbon etc - you can mix in to it as well. Sorry to tell you all this but it works very nicely with peanut butter swirled into the chocolate fudge! The last time they were on, Catherine Huntley told everyone about my recipe suggestion! Oh and it's really nice too! I'm actually watching what I eat these days, but a little bit of fudge very occasionally is very, very welcome!
This stuff has hydrogenated fat, tastes like icing sugar, best avoided!
I sent my pack back last time - it just wasn't nice!
I prefer a crumbly fudge, but gave it a try as it was easy - but I wont get it again.
Sorry Claudia but I must correct you on this -- the mixes do not contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats at all.

Nigel at Calico, that's fantastic....when I bought a few sets from QVC a while back hydrogenated fats were in the list of ingredients... it's great the company have taken them out of the products......since you're around can you answer a question?....I felt the Calico fudge product tasted very icing sugarish and the way to get round this I added quite a bit of butter which made the end result much more fudgy, do you recommend that? If Calico have or could improve the end result to be less icing surgary, well, I might be tempted:5:
Just had a look at the details for the product and this is the description.

Have fun making your own delicious fudge with this set of seven fudge-making kits (400g each). There are two caramel fudge kits, two chocolate fudge kits and three vanilla fudge kits. The set includes three cardboard trays, seven paper liners, a 5ml measuring spoon and instructions. Simply add butter and water and the pack will make up 3.1kg of fudge; a fun and tasty treat for the whole family! Direct dispatch: please allow 5 - 7 working days for delivery. UK mainland only except Scottish Highlands.

Does that mean they dont ship to the Scottish Highlands, and if so why not? We do get Royal Mail up here and courier deliveries :mad:
I've only just seen this thread, typical! Can anyone tell me do the packs have long use by dates? The amount you can make sounds like rather a lot but I wouldn't want to be giving any away! Also can you open a packet and make up half the quantity then do the rest at a later date?
Probably because it is coming Direct, they dont usually show till later.
When it is plants they usually show despatched the day before you get them.

I don't know whether this will apply for everyone but the people at Calico rang me today to check something about my address. Mine is going out today and should arrive tomorrow!

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