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What do you guys think? This was on very late last night and they sold like hot cakes (I have a sneaking suspicion that another forum member may also have snatched these on air!).

Iliana, 0.50ct diamonds, set in 3g 950 PLATINUM - £299

I had to do a double take! They were sooooooooo sparkly and pretty. I think they're going to give good lobe coverage as well because by my reckoning they'll be about 7-7.5mm across.

As normal, the TJC photo is pants!!!


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Tjc prices are great at the mo i saw another pair of 0.50ct platinum earrings a few weeks ago at below cost at £299 (can't find the code sorry) can't go wrong imo! enjoy wearing them.
WOW really GC? I haven't been watching much recently (only in the past week or two) so have been missing these deals! I couldn't believe my eyes last night. Also because they are round brilliant clusters, the sparkle was amazing! Will do a review when they arrive which I think might be Tuesday!
They arrived today and are keepers. The diamonds are excellent quality and the fire from the diamonds is great. They're a bit like mini disco balls! On the plus side also, they look fairly big - so a bonus for us large lobed ladies!

On the downside, one butterfly is missing AND there's no Iliana card. I was surprised to find that CS isn't open until 12 but heyho, let's hope they can get this sorted.
Glad there are keepers, strange there is no card though i've noticed recently they put the cards inside the boxes i thought i didn't have one but it was stuck inside the lid!
OMG GC, you're right! It was stuck in the top of the white box lid!!! Now then, can you find the missing butterfly for me? :giggle:

I've just spoken to CS (before reading your post) and they're going to send me a butterfly and Iliana card BUT somebody is going to call later in the week to update me on it?????? Not sure why it's so difficult to send out a butterfly!

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