Bose In-ear headphones, anyone got them?


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Jun 24, 2008

Bought a pair of the above from QVC which arrived Wednesday and were great even put a review of them on QVC's website but yesterday hubby tried them and the music coming from the right one is very quiet in fact too quiet if you get my drift. They must obviously be faulty as I tried them as soon as I opened the package and the sound was superb better than any other in-ear headphones I have so I was wondering if anyone here has them and if so are yours still ok or have you had the same problem?

BTW hope eveyone is having a lovely weekend, am off today but working in the morning boo-hoo.
Thanks UrbanLass, have a lovely Christmas hun. I'm really disappointed about mine as thought they would last a lot longer than just a couple of days.

Have phoned QVC CS and they are posting a pre-paid label out so I can send them back. They told me that if they come back in stock I'll have a replacement but reckon it will be a refund instead as they are still showing as being on waitlist.
Both myself and my hubby have had some for over a year now and they are the best we have ever had - would highly recommend them. My hubby uses his nearly every day and with no probs.

If you get a refund you can always get them directly from Bose - i think they are the same price or else you can get them in hmv or most electrical stores. I got mine from Comet, and they were the same price as qvc.
Hi, try turning the music up to a reasonable level and then change to less expensive earphones - the difference is amazing.
I've got a pair of these and I think they're wonderful. I've certainly not had the problems you describe so I would get yourself a replacement.

When you've got a working pair they're not comparable to any other headphones - they're great.

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