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Jun 30, 2008
In my own world. It's very nice
Hello everyone

I just need to share something with people who I think will appreciate my sitch (that's you lot!)

I was wearing my planet garnet earrings (y'know the silver ones with the circles)
I'd had a nice comment about them during the day too which made me :smile:
was in my car coming home & thought about my earrings & how happy I was with them, y'know general happy thoughts - and discovered that I only had one in! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I was really upset - I know it isn't much but I can't remember ever loosing earrings while wearing :cry: & unfortunately I can't retrace my steps or ask people if it has been handed in

I'm gutted. I know its only earrings but its rubbish
Pepsi, if it's any consolation I feel the same way when I lose a piece of my lovely jewellery. Perhaps you will get lucky and it'll turn up. Failing that you'll just have to try and win another pair.
So sorry Pepsi. :crysmilie: I know the feeling - twice I've lost some really special earrings. I remember putting in the one pair one morning and thinking I'd really hate to lose these and then of course lost one of them that day! I now use those little plastic backs on shepherd's hook earrings. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that your lost earring shows up today hon.
Pepsi, I know just how you feel, i had garnet earrings that matched my hedgie garnet ring and the post snapped in my ear:11: i didnt notice until i got home, i hope you find it hun:1:
awwww Pepsi, check everywhere, in the clothes you had on etc. you never know it could turn up.

If you are in doubt about wearing certain earrings and want to make them safer buy a few sets of those pleastic earrings backs (ebay etc.) and after you've put the earring in slide one on each earring, will give you a bit more peace of mind.

Hope it turns up and it might :1:
awww sorry to hear what happened Pepsi. it's such a nuisance - but you could always pretend you're waving the flag for 80s fashion by wearing only the one earring!

Indeed even our own Anne only wears one earring, so trendsetters you both are lol

sorry I can't help you with the earrings - I've only got the pendants. and yes earring backs sound like a great idea - one of the reasons I tend to wear leverbacks rather than shepherds hooks, but safety backs cost very little on ebay.
Oh no I hate losing an item of jewellery it make me so upset, hope you find it soon or manage to get a replacement. :1:
ahhhh thank you all - I knew you would 'feel my pain'.

I will invest in some of those placcy backs I think. Unfortunately, I wasn't im my car (although have checked mine) & was at a place 60 miles away that is huge & I only visit once a week - so the odds are stacked up against me.

As well as rocks changing for the worse which doesn;t help either
Oh what shame Pepsi, I know what it's like loosing a item that you love, I lost my white gold hoop earring (I bought from QVC and they don't do them anymore!) whilst I was walking my dog. I re-traced my footsteps several times, but I cannot find it. I'm really disappointed as I really loved those ones. Now I've only got one!
Well, as I had the chance to add to my existing order I requested the earrings on Sunday and got a pair (thanks Carol for putting them for sale on just the piccy). I paid quite a bit more than what I paid originally - but the price was not that different to the starting price and P&P of an e-bay pair..... & both pairs are still less than the CR price lol

I also have the plastic back thingies on their way to me so it will hopefully stop it from happening again - I didn't think about them so thank you all
What a good idea Janey. Great that you managed to get another pair Pepsi, even though you had to pay more. I lost a lovely little cat's eye moonstone pendant from Gems a while back. I'd been to Sainsbury's that day and kept asking there for weeks, but to no avail. It only cost £14, but I was still upset and they didn't have them at Gems as it was a couple of years later.
ooooo Janey you are good - I'll be able to get a bale on it myself :clap:

I got the replacement pair tonight & they seem just as sparkley which is brill (although I need to look properly too)
Also got my plastic back thingies which seem snug so its all good!
& feeling your pain too Jacqualina :hug:

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