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Jun 24, 2008
Wow this is exciting, writing the first thread!!

Anyway back to business, Has anyone got one of these vibrating things and more to the point are they any good?

Thankyou in advance. :):)
I havent had one of these, but allmost everything i've seen,heard or read about them is positive.
They have machines similar to this at the gym I go to but I've never used one, probably because I don't know how to! The main thing is it only takes a short time to exercise - which is always good! The trouble is, I tend to buy these gimmicky things and never use them so I can't make my mind up yet.
worried about the wobble factor....

...resulting in a Tsunami in the South China Sea! :D

Only ever seen v buff people using them at the gym, maybe their liability insurance excludes their use by wobbly women like me!

Q? How many clothes does it hold jabba?

Dunno Jude DD is 22 and her room is upstairs, she has a wee sitting area with her leather sofa and wall mounted telly etc. so after uni she usually stays there!

Sure looks liek a helluva lot though!
I too fancy the idea of getting one, but "white elephant factors" allways cloud the judgement. I'm undecided yet wether to order one:confused:
I too fancy the idea of getting one, but "white elephant factors" allways cloud the judgement. I'm undecided yet wether to order one:confused:

Tabs, and everyone interested. I have one of these. Got mine of Ebay. Yes go for it it is very good. it vibrates your body like you have done a good workout. I use mine before and after my 2 hour workout. it improves circulation and feels very relaxing. Its a good price as well, especially with easypay. A good piece of equipment xxx:D
I've got one (not this one) and I LOVE it!! :D

But some people have tried it and run away screaming! :eek:

I only had a quick peek but this one seems to have a very low "handle" unless it's adjustable and the foot bit looks quite small.

I have BIG feet and need a big place to put my trotters :eek:
Mine has got a big footplate, you can lay on it even. My speeds go up to 20!!!!! I go to just 4 though,:D gosh that is vibrating enough, but very very good piece of kit
First time poster here :p

You can get one cheaper at Littlewoods Direct LINK use code XX512 and get 20% off makes it £87.20 and 3 months intrest free, and 6% Quidco makes it £81.97 , £29.30 cheaper HTH
I do wonder if in the future some people will go down with vibration white finger , like the conditin suffered by miners or heavy machinary users get
I weakened at about 11.15 p.m. last night and ordered one. I think it was Pipa going into raptures whilst standing on it, saying it was just like having a foot massage (which I love). I have in mind being able to do lazy exercise on it, just standing there watching TV and letting the vibration do all the work!
I caved in at 11.15pm as well. I've put one on cheque hold (naughty I know) - when it arrives can someone give a review on it especially how heavy/easy to move is it? I got the Tony Little gazelle because they kept on about how light/easy to store it is - turned out to be the most clumsy thing ever to move around - nearly broke my foot when I dropped the blooming thing on it!

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