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Jul 22, 2008
:33:It's been a while since I posted on here and so I hope some of you lovely ladies can help me out. I have used the Smashbox cream eyeliners in the little pots for a few years now, but I do find they are prone to smudging. I loved the grey one that came in the last but one TSV (I think) which you had to apply with a different thicker brush, but again I find that smudges even more.

Watching the Bobbi Brown show today, they demonstrated a gel eyeliner which looked really good and has got some really good reviews.

Is there anyone out there who has tried the Bobbi Brown eyeliner and if so what did you think of it? Is it just me that has problems with Smashbox smudging?

Hope someone can help.
Thanks XXXX
The Smashbox Jet Liner is more like the Bobbi Brown one. If you want a line which goes on and does not move then these are the ones. Unfortunately far as I know they don't do grey in either? Check the Bobbi Brown website to confirm this. The reason I really like the Smashbox cream ones is I like to smudge them a little under my eye for a softer look.

Smashbox have brought out new ones called Shadowliners, but they are exclusive to QVC and we in the UK only have had a chance to try two colours so far. Fanclub which came in a TSV a dark taupe colour and Hollywood bronze this was sold alone. On QVC US they also have a blue/grey denim colour and Black Plum. These give a more smokey look and stay on.
Roxygirl, I have tried both ranges and would say that the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners are slightly better. Hope this helps.
I agree Bobbi Brown ones are better than the SB cream liners, Smashbox do a colour called Lust in the gel liners which can look grey although I think its black with Silver sparkle.

Bobbi Brown has a better range of colours in her eyeliners and the Violet one is to die for.
The Bobbi Brown gel liners do give a more distinct line than the Smashbox cream eye liners, yes, although for this very reason can be trickier to apply if you don't have a steady hand. I can't comment on the SB gel liners as I haven't tried them, but the SB shadow liners are supposed to give a soft, smoky, smudgy look, hence the huge soft fat brush.

On the subject of brushes, you will get a better defined line using either SB or BB if you don't use a flat narrow brush & "walk the product across the lash line" as they usually suggest. Instead try appling using the more traditional fine eye liner brush, preferably one with a bend in it for ease of application. SB packaged a brush like this with a cream eye liner in one of their TSVs a few years ago as an alternative application method. The same brush is the one that they now package with their gel liners by the way.

I hope that helps...:)
I LOVE the BB Gel Eyeliner and use it every day. It gives an excellent finish and does last well. The Smashbox however, I found smudged and didn't last. If you get the BB eyeliner, I would certainly recommend getting the proper BB gel eyeliner brush. You can sometimes get this in a kit (I got mine from ebay at a knockdown price) and it makes application much easier.

I use the black every day, but I also have one called Graphite Shimmer Ink which is a greyish colour with a very subtle sparkle.

If you can get to a BB counter you can check out the ranger of shades, which is more than they have on QVC (and no more expensive). A pot lasts ages and ages provided you remember to keep the lid on(!) so is really pretty economical.
Thanks very much for all your help and advice. I do love the colours of the Smashbox liners and the soft effect they give but think I will pay a visit to the nearest Bobbi Brown counter to look at their liners and treat myself to one.

I also loved the look of the BB nude on nude eyeshadow palette. Is this really a QVC "exclusive" that isn't available anywhere else as they claim? They have a tendency to make these claims which I have found to be totally untrue and I don't want to buy it from QVC and pay their ridiculous P&P charges if I could get it cheaper elsewhere.

Thanks again XX
Roxygirl, I forgot go check out MAC if you have a counter. Or they do a range of cream eyeliners like the BB only the colour choice is awesome. Some of the colour like Brassy gorgeous yellow gold can be used as a eyeshadow and they do stay on. Big pot than BB or Smashbox too.:54:

The Nude on Nude palette is released every year from BB, I actually have the first one she did way back. They changed one colour to Bone from the original. The other year she released the palette with shimmer instead of the usual matt.

Checkout ebay infact, as you will no doubt find them there.
I've never tried the Smashbox one but I have loads of the BB ones and they are the best make up item I've ever owned. I recommend them to everyone and my friends are always asking to borrow it. Really longlasting and can be worn smudged or as a solid line, and both look equally good.
Well, I've taken the plunge and bought the BB Eyeliner and brush in Violet from Ebay.

I usually use Smashbox and it's very good, but from the reviews on here I am wondering how on earth it could be better?

I don't normally wear violet, so lets see how it work out tomorrow!!
Well, I've taken the plunge and bought the BB Eyeliner and brush in Violet from Ebay.

I usually use Smashbox and it's very good, but from the reviews on here I am wondering how on earth it could be better?

I don't normally wear violet, so lets see how it work out tomorrow!!

Excellent choice, that is a gorgeous colour, I am sure you will love it! :)

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