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Oct 3, 2008
I have just phoned CS about these. On the description online, it clearly states that each crayon comes with a complimentary custom sized sharpener (it's a set of 3), but there is only one in the box. I wanted to give these as Christmas presents and thought that would be ideal as you get a sharpener with each one. CS has apologised for the error on the description and said I can return them but I don't think that is good enough.

Anyone know what the rule is on this sort of thing, trading standards wise?

The supervisor is going to call me back because I am not happy?
I've seen these in the shops and I think it means the set of 3 comes with a sharpener. They treat the 3 as 1 item with 1 sharpener. Sorry, though sometimes you can get sharpeners for them on EBay.

"Get a gorgeous pout with this three-piece Lip Crayon set from Bobbi Brown. You'll receive three easy-to-use crayons in three fabulous colours - Pink Raspberry, Naked Pink and Sugar Blush. The crayons combine the luxurious feel of a lipstick with the ease and convenience of a jumbo crayon! The non-drying formula has a smooth creamy feel that lasts all day. You can wear the colour alone or with your favourite gloss. Each crayon comes with a complimentary custom-sized sharpener."

It's pretty clear isn't it?

Have a look on the trading standards website honey, or email Bobbi Brown from her Uk site. Sometimes that's the best way to get what you want.

I do wish they would take more care over these descriptions.
Here is the link to the BB UK site.
Scroll down to reach the lip crayons.

I see what has happened. QVC have copied word for word how they are described on the BB site. But they are not sold as a kit of three on there just individually. So when you buy one you get the sharpener in the box.

QVC are not paying attention and deserve a smack for it.
you'll soon see how high end bobbi brown is as a range if they honour the description and give you a couple of measley sharpners..
i dont think its qvc's fault totally but they should check the info they put on descriptions just an error.
at least they offered you your money back.
i think it rests with bobbi brown tbh.
The blurb is true for the item on the BB website - just not for the threepack on QVC so unless BB are responsible for the info posted about BB products on QVC's website I think the fault can be laid squarely at QVC's door.

Unfortunately QVC won't help - so the solution lies with Bobbi Brown. (Hopefully.) We'll see huh? I'm sure lots of Bobbi Brown customers, both current and prospective are watching to see what happens here.
:17:Thanks everyone for your help on this. I took advice yesterday and apparently as it is a genuine error on their part they don't have to do anything. Genuine error, perhaps they should try reading things back when they cut and paste from supplier websites!

I have to say that this has been the straw that broke the donkeys back and that this is the end of my expensive relationship with QVC!

I admit I'll miss the Liz Earle, Smashbox and Nails Inc. TSV's. The Kipling TSV's I won't worry about though, after the last pathetic offering.

I just want to thank the Next man (Parcelnet) for delivering my parcels and the way he used to laugh that there was 'some more cr*p for me, although I don't buy as much cr*p as her up the road' and my neighbour Julie for taking the said cr*p in, when I'm out.

I'm welling up now!

Of course, I'll still be a Shopping Telly addict!

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