Bobbi Brown TSV on QVC America


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Jun 24, 2008
The Bobbi Brown TSV is gorgeous. A lip palette, an eye palette (very neutral)brushes included with each palette, a pot rouge, a cream liner, a liner brush, a tube of gloss and a mascara. I have no idea what the pricing will be

The above is from a lady who attended the QVC Beauty Bash at the weekend.

I doubt we will ever get one here though, as Bobbi appears on QVC US in person something we never get. Also we never got a Prescriptives TSV here as they have on QVC US, both companies are owned by Estee Lauder.
We can only hope that we get some new products soon. That Bobbi Brown TSV sounds sooo good. I scour the new beauty products daily and really they are all just the same old products in new kits. A prime example is Philosophy. I got really excited when I saw a new kit with a reasonable price tag but when I saw what was in it I was really disappointed. The same stuff but in smaller bottles.
I remember there being a Prescriptives TSV and asking one of the ladies on the counter in HoF about it. She said that she had been told that we will never get one!

I would much rather have a Bobbi Brown one anyway though, fingers crossed.

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