Blue Topaz for £349


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Blue Topaz for £349

Would you pay £349 for BLUE TOPAZ?????

Okay, it's an Iliana piece with, presumably okay diamonds and it's 13ct BUT it's still blue topaz.

What idiot would pay £349 for this?????? I think this kinda answers the question why they mostly sell Tanzanite and Diamonds - quite clearly they don't know how to price anything else :54:

(In case you're interested it's item number 586265)
Thanks for the link Sue.

That photo actually makes the ring look good. The stone IRL was a sludgey mid-dark blue with a huge window.


Not worth more than about £80 max!
Yup....seen 'em flogging that london blue jobby yesterday(I think) on the measly 3 hrs of TJC I get!!

Now don't get me wrong I likes me topaz,think it's a great stone,hard wearing enough,available in lots of colours and..................reasonably cheap........No way on God's green earth would I be paying that much for it!!!:11:

IF.....I had £349 quid spare(I wish lol) I could get meself some Iliana diamonds,decent tanzy etc etc..............definitely wouldn't be topaz!:54:
Not for me that's for sure and if it was a poor quality stone all the more reason to think the designer had a bump on the head. I do however think there is a market for the budget priced stones to be set in 18 ct gold with Iliana equivalent accents. The High Street are full of amethyst, topaz, citrine etc in ridiculously expensive settings so it would be nice to be able to pay a fair price for a favourite gemstone 'dressed up'. :spider:

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