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Jun 24, 2008
Has anyone else thought TJC were selling Blue Diamonds in their pieces due to the blue light they have in their studio? I saw a Columbian Emerald ring while channel hopping and for all the world I thought the diamonds on either side were blue! I had to check the pic on their website to find out. Very misleading!!
Sorry, I haven't really noticed this with their diamonds Klos. However, I once bought a green Amethyst that looked an amazing shade of teal blue/green and was really eye-catching. When I got it home, it looked nothing at all like it had on screen. :( I put it down to the lighting they use.:confused: I agree, very misleading.
When they first changed studios, the lighting seemed a bit weird and often Tanzanite looked very wishy washy, and the diamonds had a funny tinge to them, but I haven't noticed any of those sorts of things for ages now.
I've often thought their diamonds look blue-ish - a sort of aqua tint that would be lovely if they could reproduce it for real! (Or I could just buy an aquamarine!) :)

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