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Just noticed that during the Pink Cuprian Tourmaline show, when viewing on the web, there was a message saying "sorry this auction is only open to phone bidders" and this was when they were showing an item for £199.

Looks like web bidders aren't wanted and all they want is people to buy on the phone. If that's the case, why not disable web buying all together? It causes nothing but hassle for customers anyway because Rocks and Co continually allow phone bidders to buy items when they're allocated to web bidders and in their basket.

Talk about alienating customers who prefer to buy on the web!
They're probably sick of people like me, Meesh, who put things into our baskets and then change our minds!

But, as I've said before on the GTV section, the ability to do this does actually make me buy more in the end...
Seems a daft idea though to block even seeing a picture of what they are currently auctioning - after all there are quite a few of us who don't watch the channel(s) on tv all the time, but keep an eye on whats around via our PC's, so that we can flick over when we see something of interest.
I wish they'd sort this web bidding out once and for all. Every time I add something to my basket I immediately check it out. Even then I'm not sure whether I've got it or not until I get the despatch confirmation. It's a bit of a lottery and extremely frustrating. At least QVC give you half an hour to check out and you know you've got it for sure.

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