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Charlies Girl

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Jun 27, 2008
I switched on Ideal World this morning to see Lee Baldry (ex Bid Up) on with Martyn.

Its nice to see him back on our screens again. He was one of Bid-Up's bes presenters.
Never mind boring Baldry, if IW really want to bring back the glory days they need to be thinking about bringing back Bill The Drill:32:

Lee wasn't boring.

And as for the glory days - why go back to the past? The company needs to look to the future.
the reel glorie day's were when the ledgendery paul "pricey" price was presenting

OMG NO, if you read the story on the front page I don't think you would want Paul Price (AKA Paul Atherton) anywhere near shopping telly again.
Atherton is 'Pricey' Price.

Good Lord!:23:

BTW Graham the link to the forum thread from the news story contains a comma after www, rather than a full stop www.- so goes straight to an error page.
I wasn't aware of this when i posted , i personally always found paul price ( i take it price was a stage name ) very entertaining as a presenter , and maybe it was beyond his control what happened to his company?

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