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Lucy Lastic

Registered Shopper
Jun 21, 2009
Whatever happened to this range of clothing?

I know they were a bit mumsyish, but I used to buy quite a lot to wear on holiday because they were so comfortable, well made and didn't crease. I have a lovely thin black zip up jacket that is going in the elbows and I wanted to buy another one.

I know Blast Fashion was on QVC for a while but then went onto Ideal World for several years, then all of a sudden it disappeared and I haven't seen it for ages.
I remember Blast fashion , I don't think we ever saw it after SW's demise. I always thought it was too classy for IW.Hide
Dont remeber it been on QVC but do remeber it on IW. I think I have seen bits of Blast in roman Originals outlet store.

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