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Jun 24, 2008
Good news! There is a Black Hills Gold hour at 18.00 hours on 21 September.

If the designs are anything like on qvc us, we're in for a treat.

Wonder if Jim is still the guest?

Can't wait!
omg i love this range. i bought a piece 14 years ago and i still wear it today.
also a lot more affordable than glogau which i also love.:hi:
Fantastic - my wedding ring is black hills and I have been waiting for it to come back so that I can get my 10th aniversary present.
I bought a very delicate ring from Black Hill in the Black Hills! This was years ago and it seems to improve with age!
Since I have some advance warning, I might indulge again!
This clearly must have been before my time... What exactly is black hills gold?:thinking2: Ok, I'm thinking it's obvuiously gold (I'm not THAT daft...), but what makes it special? Cheers!
Im hoping its not too $$

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although not married julia roberts bought herself and her partner matching bands from this range and she wears it on her wedding finger.........just incase anyones admired it and wondered what range it is/where its from
Can't wait to see BHG back again :cool2:
Have a watch from the very early days('twas an oto if I remember rightly) which I still wear & also a pendant.
Jim was a fab guest & very informed,hope he's back with the range.
I never actually bought anything from this range although was quite keen on it and would like to buy something so glad to see it is coming back, hope there are some good prices.
I am looking for a ring for my 20th wedding Anniversary :D
I went to Las vegas a few years back, it was the first time I had seen BHG and could not resist buying a pair of yellow gold diamond hoop earings, so pleased QVC bringing back as I would like to buy some of the tri couloured pieces.
Another fan of the range here too.

Bought a ring many years ago which I still wear today. Good to see it back on QVC, although I'm not too sure the OH would agree!
Great News
Was a real fan and bought several rings back then, they were always admired.

Now fingers too fat for them ( and a lot of other things now too!) I really do neeeeeed to replace them

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