Bissell Proheat x 2...fantastic


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Jun 24, 2008
Over the Pennines in Lancashire
I ordered this last week, on the 4 day deal at £179.99 ( £120 discount from normal price) and on flexipay. It arrived within 48 hours.

Since then I have cleaned my carpets and my, what a difference it has made. I have the smaller Bissell Quickwash which is absolutely fine for just that, a quick clean up and I still think it is a good piece of equipment, but the Proheat is fantastic. My carpets have come up like new, can't believe how good it is. :clap: It is my new best friend :dance: :lol:

If anyone is considering buying this, don't hesitate. It is now back to normal price but I would imagine the deal will be repeated at some stage.

Very pleased with it. :woohoo:
They are very good, I got mine from Argos for the same price, but without the easy pay.

Make sure you buy your Formula from IW (very cheap) as you can get though them very quickly.

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