Birkenstocks on IW!


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Looks like Birkenstocks aren't exclusive to QVC anymore, now on IW as a pick fo the day! Madrids £29.99 and FREE p+p, Gizahs £39.99 and FREE p+p :rolleyes: Have I missed Birkenstocks on IW before?
yeah birdie they were on once before and they also have the mens ones at £49.99 with free postage same prices as last time

but the fact is they are too expensive on there as you can get the same ones for at least half in many other places
Yes they have been on before. The joke is they IW sell they for the RRP and just knock postage off. Go to TKMaxx and certain styles are £19.99, or shops have sales on at the moment and shops have them in the sale.
IW Birkenstocks

Dont normally flick over to IW, but saw they had Birkenstocks last night, my daughter fell in love with the lime green pair, so ordered them for her, cheaper that QVC at the moment, especially with no p & p, so bought my self a pair as well.
I've had most of my Birkenstocks from TK Maxx. Also had a few pairs from E-bay off a really good seller, fast delivery times and good prices etc...


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