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Mar 7, 2009
Birkenstocks arrived today, not the TSV, I went for the Papillo Tabora (regular fit, soft toe post)! OK, so.......not sure if they fit or not......? (I need help, doesn't have to be Vampy, anyone with 'funny feet' will do! lol)

They feel big but not big, if that makes sense? Any smaller & all toes other than big toe would be touching the edges & probably overlapping but big toe (bit crippled, one worse than other, twisted & curled in towards the others) does not go fully into toe-post as toe itself is too short?

Comfortable on my feet, just worried they're too long as website says there should be a 'few millimetres' left over, well it's more than that but wondering if big toes will straighten out a bit?

Also, feet rolling to outside when I walk, presumably from hobbling & trying to keep weight off big toes - shall I give up now or persevere? (I didn't realise how bad my feet were til I looked at them in these, I was a bit shocked how they seemed to highlight every flaw & I had no idea just how twisted, swollen jointed & carp my feet actually were! :(

Pathetic, an IQ of nearly 150 & I can't even tell if my own bl**dy shoes fit or not.......! :blush:
Help me <s>Obi-Wan Kenobi</s> Batty, you're my only hope........
Not Vampyre, but I do wear Birkenstocks! All I can suggest is you persevere with them KWC and see how you get on with them. Your description of your tootsies made me laugh, I'm sure they aren't as bad as you think!
I love my Birkenstocks. It took a while to get used to them (not long) and once I did, I can honestly say, there's nothing more comfortable been on my feet. I even have an indoor pair I wear as slippers.
My tootsies are a European 36 and that's the same in Birkis. Apart from extreme ugly scarring my feet look ok but are bony and sensitive to impact. Am gutted they haven't been an instant success. I am shag all help as I have never worn a toe post style in my life. You have a few days,play with the straps and try to walk a wee bit in them. Then flog 'em back and say the aggravated your feet.
So sorry KWC
Do you think so Petpixie? I wondered if my feet were 'too far gone' even for Birkenstocks? (Yes, they really are that bad! Not rough & ugly, thanks partly to you, they are now soft & smooth & lovely, just twisted toes & swollen joints, as I have terrible foot trouble, have had for years, can barely hobble some days! lol)

I don't want to send them back as they are comfy & I think the next size down would be too small maybe but my toes are so twisted, it's hard to imagine they will straighten out very much at this stage of the game?
Also, not sure they will hep me walk 'straighter', without rolling outwards, as they're only shoes after all! Having put my feet into the 'correct' position, it was just so blatantly obvious how 'incorrect' my usual stance/walking is! :confused2:
Am gutted they haven't been an instant success. I am shag all help as I have never worn a toe post style in my life.

What you on about, I think they are a success, I'm just so thick I can't decide if they're the right size or not! lol
They certainly support my arches & I could instantly feel the difference on my tendons when I put my 'normal' sandals back on, which then, bizarrely, felt 'too small'.....!

Because my big toes are curled inwards & twisted there's probably half an inch in front of them & a quarter inch gap at the back, is that too much, do you think?
I measured my feet & they were 227mm, the size 3's are 230mm (that doesn't leave much, does it?) & the 4's 240mm - I just don't want to get it wrong 'cos I'm stooopid! lol
I don't have any with toe posts - just madrids - but I have quite a bit of room around my toes in them. They look very big when my feet are cold but when I am in a hot climate, they look like the perfect fit. Dunno if that helps or not really ... :thinking2:
Being cruel and blunt because I'm in a lot of pain in body and soul today and I am sorry, but posture and gait you will have to work on yourself no easy fixes I imagine are on the horizon. :(

I just wanted you to have happy feet.
Thanks Cupcake, that does make sense actually! They're just a different fit to 'normal' sandals I think? I haven't taken them off yet though, as I like the fact I can actually walk (after a fashion & that's my feet not the sandals! lol) in them! :flower:
Thanks Cupcake, that does make sense actually! They're just a different fit to 'normal' sandals I think? I haven't taken them off yet though, as I like the fact I can actually walk (after a fashion & that's my feet not the sandals! lol) in them! :flower:

I think providing the arch and the toe grip feels like it's in the right place, you should be fine. I could really tell when I tried the narrow fit on (the ones QVC sell) - it felt uncomfy and I have thin feet - the regular (which QVC don't sell) on the other hand, felt perfect!
There's probably half an inch in front of my big toe when at rest KWC. I'm so glad your feet are nice and smooth and soft now, but sorry to hear you suffer pain and discomfort. I wish I could be more helpful! Maybe order the size down as well and send the unsuitable pair back!
They are supposed to look a bit big, if that helps. Your toes shouldn't be touching the outer rim of the footbed anywhere. If they feel comfy, they are likely to be the right size - Birkenstocks feel awful if they are the wrong size, the bumps come up in all the wrong places.
Thanks all, I reckon they're OK then, as they feel nice & everything appears to be in the right place!
I always fret with new things & often end up ordering things in several different sizes, just to 'be sure' - didn't do that with these, hence the head scratching! lol
(Still on my feet though, an hour after they arrived, feel lovely!) :flower:
I find I have to break in the Taboras and the gehizas, and when I wear them after not wearing for a while , i need to go gently with them. Any other Birkenstocks including fulll shoes I can just wear.
Thanks Grovesy - well I haven't taken mine off yet, so if I can't move tomorrow & have to descend the stairs by sliding down on my botty, it will have been totally self-inflicted from overdoing it on day one! lol
Love them so far, already mentally deciding what colour to go for next (when I've saved up that is!), will see if I feel the same way in the morning! :sweat:
(I'm going to wear them next time I go to the doctors & see what they say about them as well!)
I find them better than bare actually, weird but true and I hate walking on carpet lol

I agree - my feet don't really support me barefoot, I need a bit of help! OMG, I will cry tomorrow if I've overdone it, I love them so much already!
It's funny, I've only had them on 3 hours & now they look the right size, I can't imagine why I questioned it earlier! (Maybe they're just different in shape to what I'm used to?)

I took them off just a minute ago & my toes hurt immediately when I stood up, so I quickly put them back on again......poor little toes! OH just asked me if I was going to sleep in them too.....I'm considering it! lol (Sandals will probably be all black & smelly in less than a week!)
Can you walk through puddles in them btw?

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