Birkenstock Bargains


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Thank goodness for that, otherwise I'd have bought them, even though I don't need anymore Birkenstocks! ;)

Was thinking of You!
Even tried putting the 7 in my basket, but it was gone.... You were obviously being looked after!
Well done! What a brave act and in the face of a bargain! :ANYWORD:

Would be....... afraid I'm not that brave....I'm a 5 and there weren't any, on top of which I'm not a madrids girl........I just put them in my basket to save some for someone..... anyone..... Oh dear I'm far to much of a bargin hunter for my own good;)
Hello all, just new to this forum,

just thought i would post a note to birkenstock fans. Amazon have some birkenstocks at reduced prices at the min, most styles. im a madrid fan and have just ordered some for twenty quid, with free delivery. sorry im not very good at this computer stuff, and cant work out how to post a link!!

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