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Jun 24, 2008
I noticed that one or two members of Rocks bid on all items when they first appear at midnight.
So what happens if they win them all? I know that is very unlikely to happen but as I understand it you can only have two items in your basket at any one time without checking out.

Just wondering and thought I would ask:)
This is my guess of an answer.....
& I'm assuming that they manage to get everything at £0...

I think they would need to be watching & checkout items two at a time as the items were closed (paying postage etc), and then the magic order combining hapens so they get the lot for just one lot of P&P - £5.95

Ot at least that's what I woudl hope for - although not sure what would happen if they weren't watching & couldn't checkout as the lots ended.....

I hope this makes sense!
Thanks PD - didn't think of that:)

Good tactics but even the lure of some great bargains wouldn't be enough for me to go to all that trouble.
Think peopel prob bid to try and get mega bargains - although i have personally never seen anything go at £1 or £2. :)
Hi Sandy and :welcome:

I saw a couple of things go for £0 last weekend while Steve and Barry were trying to get used to the new system - I wan't quick enough though :D

Perhaps they are waiting for another mishap so they can grab a bargain.
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