Best ever Ideal world....


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Aug 3, 2008
Are the 2 hours from 1am to 3am when Smart Live Casino is on, only thing worth watching nowadays.

Ideal World is Fail now all the way, with so many problems it would take too long to write them all down. adverts, craft, same 3 products every week, dire presenters, non deliveries, I could go on.

The first charity advert I see and that will be me and my custom back to QVC for good, I refuse to watch the Sit Up channels for the same reason and I will not tolerate it. How I have lasted this long with such dire programming is beyond me. I read someone say if they want a sleep they put ideal world on and that's now 99% of the time when I 'watch', but yes, the best 2 hours of the day is the smart live casino hours :) best thing IW air :)

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