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Aug 28, 2008
lol i am probably stupid, but have to ask what is waitlist, i mean i know what it is, but just not sure how long i would have to wait.

i realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly want Item Number225779, and check it everyday cos it is on waitlist, but if i add to waitlist does this mean i have to wait 3 months to hear they have not got it? it is a good price but i kinda want it now, and am tempted to pay more through the benefit site. please help this dithering mavis riley type, plus if you have tried it and its crap this would also help
Hi, Iamasmall!
I have both those products and they're great. They give a real natural glow to the cheeks. As to when you'll get them and if - well I would hope that they will come back into stock as benefit is quite regularly on isn't it? It is a good price, but the question is whether you're prepared to wait? I've just put the benefit mascaras on waitlist myself as I'm about to run out. They're such a good price that I'm prepared to take the risk! I'd go for it, if I were you - you can always cancel them.....
thanks Miriam, i will add to waitlist, as i did not know you could then cancel (duhhhhh) lol i am hopefully of to Florida in March so intend to stock up on such treats then :)
When I ordered mine a little note came up to say that if you wanted to cancel then you have to call customer services. I figure I'll leave mine on and hope for the best!
Hope you get some soon!
i have both theyre briliant and it is a good price on qvc, they sell benefit in larger boots though so if your desperate, i often get benefit from boots as you get 500 extra points when you buy 2 products
I've had two items on waitlist in the past. One arrived within the 90 days (I'd almost forgotten that I'd ordered it) and the other item was still out of stock and wouldn't be available, but they wrote to me (snail mail) to let me know.
lol@me this is now in stock and i am giving it the 'do i really, i mean really need this?????' but then again i did get landed with a £2100 bill today :eek:, £1300 of which i was expecting, the additional £800 was a bit of a slap around the chops to be honest :mad:

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