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Jul 8, 2008
Norn Iron
Yesterday, I swore I was going to abstain from shopping (for myself) for the month of September. Well, this morning, after my regular look at the website, I clicked on Travelon and before I knew it had ordered a back rest thing on the strength of it having 5 star reviews! It is not particularly expensive for what it is but it still constitutes shopping for me, albeit not makeup or handbags. I supposed it could be classed as a "health" purchase and therefore won't count!

And it's only the second day of the month . . .
It's not your fault fw, it's that ''clicky finger'' syndrome that many of us suffer from. I don't think there's a cure for it yet. As a sufferer myself I fully sympathise.
Yes, that's it! Hopefully it will arrive next week and I'll let you know what I think. I'm hoping to use it at home, on the sofa. Not sure how, but some reviewers said it worked for sofas. Maybe it will stop me falling over while I'm watching TV. I always end up bent at a right angle having a little snooze.
I am so glad QVC does not have the "one click" feature that seduces me on Amazon, it would be fatal to my bank account. They also do not have a wish list which I find is quite useful for deferring acts of insane buying, sometimes I look at my liston Amazon and cannot recall what posessed me when I put the then object of desire there. Find it quite good as a cooling off device for impulse buys, but not always!

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