Beauty TSV bags that you remember/still have


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Sep 22, 2009
Liz Earle used to be queen of TSV bags. I had a whole range of the ones that were grey/greeny. I also had a couple of her black evening bag styles. I am still using the vanity case and also the cotton drawstring bag from her too.

Molton Brown did a few that I can remember. One I can specifically remember was a pearlescent lilac and it came with the TSV that contained yuan zhi, it must have been more than 9 years ago as I know I didn't have that one when I lived in this house.

I also had a very deep purple velvet drawstring bag from Elemis, a yellow cosmetic bag from Decleor and a white towelling drawstring bag which could have been either Elemis or Gatineau.

I used to be such a QVC/TSV addict

Do you remember or still use some old ones?
Stupidly over the years i've given a lot away as gifts but I have one from LE that came with a TSV last year, it's a large pale blue bag and i use it to put all my LE products in.She also did a white one with three compartments that you can open up and it has a hanger /hook on the top so you can hook it over something. I use that as well.

A few years ago i got a red handbag, that i love, that came with a models prefer TSV.
I have a nice white drawstring bag that came with a Gatineau OTO. that i keep all those 15ml tiddly size products that i seem to have accumalated.

i Miss the bags they seem to have been substituted for boxes lately.
I have a Decleor suitcase which came with a TSV circa 1999/2000,this is my oldest one.

I have a few Liz Earle and Elemis ones but mostly I just give the bags away with one or products inside as gifts.
A few years ago i got a red handbag, that i love, that came with a models prefer TSV.

Oh thank you for reminding me, I had forgotten about that one! It must be at the back of my cupboard somewhere - great colour for this time of year. I will have to dig it out.
I also had a very deep purple velvet drawstring bag from Elemis...

I still have & use mine! :flower:
Not sure how long ago I got it but it was certainly a good while ago as it's been my sewing bag for years & still looks as good as new! :up2:
I have one of the light green LE bags, which I keep my muslin cloths in... one of LE cotton drawstring bags.. I use that along with one of LE cream wash bags to travel with... I have the purple velvet elemis bag and a few opi bags .. I think most of them are stored somewhere :)
The ones that didn't go to my daughters were popped into a storage tub and I gave the whole lot to the NineLives charity for their car boot sale, just a few weeks ago. I'm embarrassed to say it was full of 15 years worth of them. you think of a makeup or toiletries range and I probably had one of their bags.......
I have an elemis bag, that is great as a wash bag-two compartments one has waterproof lining (must be many years old)
Liz Earle pale blue cosmetic bag and toilet bag.
Navy molton brown small bag with handles.
I got the very first LE TSV which came with something extra special - a lovely pale pink Vanity Box and it still sits on my dressing table today! Plenty of her bags are still in use too as they are all lovely.
I have given all away, most of them as gifts. I have one remaining, a LE black evening bag (still wrapped), and I have no idea what to do with it.:sad:
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Most of the Elemis bags I still have, use them for holidays and weekends away etc. My Nail stuff lives in a sliver Molton Brown bag which was a TSV when they used to be under £20. I also have a couple of nice Decleor bags which store all my unopened beauty stuff.
I have loads of LE bags, a few of the black evening bags and I have a purple one that I am using just now to keep my toiletries for travelling.
I had a pale blue small rucksack that I loved and would love one like it in black.

Have quite a few MB, Decleor, Elemis and Gatineau bags too.

Wish they would all do more bags especially with their TSV's
I found a models prefer one in the cupboard the other day. I think I used it once. It was quite big and black with turquoise lining in parts and lots of smaller make up bags that velcroed inside. Very handy, if you are an organised person....not me!
Great question! I have many liz earle bags,toiletry bags,blue zip up and drawstring bags and lovely evening bags. I have a purple elemis bag, 2 red opi bags, a molton brown evening bag and a l'occitane cream bag. Most are in my bag draw!
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