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Sep 1, 2008
I was just wondering does AY or any of guests presenting skincare mention if the products contain squalene or squalane and if so where it is obtained from? There are animal and vegetable sources for the substance but given that QVC can be a bit absent minded about details I thought I'd ask. Haven't been able to watch on tv for a while now, thank you dodgy sky box:thinking2:
They often mention 'olive squalene' when referring to A'kin products, would this be the same thing? If i find out that there's animal products in A'kin I'll go nuts, I already had to ditch my SBC collagen gel (which I LOVED) because the collagen is marine sourced.

off to check the A'lin website!!


edited to add:

from the A'kin website...

Olive Squalane
Olive Squalane Squalane is made from Mediterranean olive oil. It provides protective properties to the skin, and improves skin elasticity and hydration. It also helps to deliver active ingredients into the skin.
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Never heard AY mention it & the only reference I've found to a product sold by QVC that contains it is Clientele's Elastology Age Blocker & that is non-specific as to the source! (Not a product I'd use personally as it contains Oxybenzone, which I don't really wish to put on my skin!)
Whether other Clientele products contain it I don't know but I would've thought it was a fairly high possibility?
Sorry couldn't be of more help! :flower:
Olive as its name suggests is from olive oil, there are a few botanical sources of squalene and squalane but it is also sourced from shark's liver. In light of the skating past the emu oil situation I was just curious.
Thanks for the info.
this is such a coincidence this thread.
looking for a mineral makeup. may move from bare escentuals because of the bismouth oxychloride etc..
well i was in boots and they have a mineral makeup by elizabeth arden in an exact copy of the smashbox one that grates the powder fresh with a metal grater..
anyway the girl on the counter was quick to point out that it had sqalene in it to aid hydration...
now i know! we can swop one nasty for anather lol
To be fair boffy the EA makeup could be using a plant derived ingredient but I am tired of having to dig for info about stuff, label clearly or I will buy something else. Good luck on your makeup hunt :D
Sarah Chapman use Squalene / Squalane in some of their products but I can't find out the source. There's no info in the public domain and they're not in any hurry to tell me.

But if it was a lovely olive oil derived ingredient I'm sure they'd be happy to say so. The fact that they aren't saying probably means theirs comes from sharks liver.

I have emails in with Sarah Chapman and QVC about this but it's been weeks and weeks with no response beyond QVC saying they'll ask Sarah Chapman.
Makes you wonder what on earth we are chucking on ourselves. I had no idea there was such a thing called squalene and much less that something from a shark's liver could be used in cosmetics.

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