Beauty Day - Decleor TSV 22/11/09


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I had an e-mail from Decleor today and the TSV is a 5 Piece Nourishing Face & Body Skincare Collection. :)
oh no i'm not ready for a new one, i haven't even started the last one yet.
oohh I'm ready for a new system corps.. love that, and the hand cream is the best I've ever used
Not another hydra-floral, its like Philosophy - purity & hope in a jar, Liz Earle - c&p, IB and moisturiser, Smashbox - photofinish primer. When did TSVs become so unimaginative?
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The only product I have used of the ones included in the TSV is the neroli oil (which I really like), so in theory I ought to feel very excited about this TSV. Yet it feels a bit boring:sleepy:... Does anybody agree?
Agree completely - very boring. Not tempted at all. I suppose they are trying to aim for the widest possible market for the Christmas tsv. :wave2:

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