Beautiful sapphire earrings! stunning


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Nov 1, 2008
sunny cornwall
:flower::flower::flower:Just had to say thankyou tjc! my multi sapphire earrings arrived today, and they are beautiful! [how do they make them for the money] these are platinum over 925 silver, yellow ,blue,green,and orange multi sapphire item no 604557 -the best part only £19.00 AMAZING.:flower::flower::flower:
Well done on your earrings Roxy they look lovely and what a bargain price:clapping:
Very pretty Roxy and knowing how TJC's pics don't usually flatter their jewellery I bet they look even better IRL. Mind you, unlike the other channels, they don't photoshop their pics. I got my £19 multi sapphire ring yesterday and it looks great too. Like you, I don't know how they do it!
Thanks everyone - they really sparkle like crazy, even OH thought they were [in his words pretty] and hes not exactly into jewellery - but he even did a double take -when i said they were sapphires!:flower::flower::flower:

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