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Aug 13, 2008
I've been TV/web shopping for years, so I suppose it finally had to happen to me...RM can't find a return parcel for Rocks. It was a large-ish box, as it was a large haul. Special Delivery was going to be over £20 to return, so the postmaster said Standard Parcel with insurance would be cheaper. OK, I went for it. However, SP I now find out excludes jewellery. If the parcel cannot be found (it may be and I will remain hopefull!) I am entitled to £39 compensation and have lost over £250. It's my own fault, but I just wanted to remind folks to pay the extra for Special Delivery, as Standard Parcel - even with insurance - does not cover the loss of jewellery.:34: Maybe I should tell that to my local postmaster :54:
Argh, I really hope your parcel turns up hun, hopefully it's just delayed as there's probably no guaranteed delivery time.

I have to admit, I would always pay the Special Delivery fees for anything over about £50 - when it comes in under that, I start wrestling with whether it's worth the hefty price tag, and usually just send it Recorded. Thus far I've been lucky.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
we live and learn the hard way dont we, sorry to hear they cant find your parcel and i hope it does turn up as its a lot to lose,I nearly always just use the recorded post but thats because its not usually for much money like pearly queen less than £50 I have to admit though on the rare occasion I have had anything more expensive I do go with RM special delivery thats usually to regency for resizing though .fingers crossed for you concordia that it turns up
Everything cross for you - hope the parcel can still be found and delivered to rocks. Was it recorded delivery?
I am dancing the dance of joy...the parcel was found and Rocks has refunded! Yippie! Thanks to all at Rocks!! BUT, I have learned my lesson! Send returns only by Special Delivery! I hadn't read the fine print that said jewellery was excluded from insurance with RM parcels, interestingly imitation/costume jewellery is covered just not the real stuff!
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My Post Office were really good - the first time that i sent jewellery they guessed it was jewellery and said that jewellery had to go special delivery.
Really, really, really pleased for you concordia. You must be sooooo relieved! :D
I've just caught up with this thread and am so glad your parcel has been found. I can understand what you were feeling as it was only about a month ago that a parcel I was sending to Regency went AWOL for over 24 hours! Luckily I had sent it SD but it was still very frustrating and unsettling not knowing where it had gone.

Nice your story had a happy ending and a good reminder to everyone to use SD for items of jewellery.
Phew!!!!!! What a relief Concordia, so glad it arrived safely. I've always used SD when returning jewellery, as like you, until I read the small print on the RD form, didn't realise it wasn't covered!


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