bargain necklace?


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Oct 27, 2008
:thinking2: er...not such a bargain...
was watching l'occitane before and Claire had a nice multi gem necklace on which I thought looked lovely,she did say it was an investment piece so I thought ok,I'll have a look later see what I I dont think I'll be investing!!!! it is the bargain sum of 811 quid!! yikes!! would've had two if it werent for the credit crunch.....just where do they get their ideas from honestly? cant see it being a sell out even though its a nice piece..just who would be forking that much out?! ah well rant over with!!
I seriously doubt if anyone buying an 'investment piece' would look to QVC these days. In yesterday's Gem Weekend shows, I noticed a high percentage of the items were from the clearance section, and at the same prices! You only have to look at their 'high end' items to realise that better gems and prices can be found on TJC and Rocks and Co. :thinking2:

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