bareMinerals SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen - Anyone tried it?


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I HATE the feel of suncream on my face

oh so do I

I can't tell you how much I love this sunscreen.

I use a lot of powder in the summer as I don't like having a shiny face, but this summer I've carried the sunscreen round and used it instead. It is so easy to use and actually works.

I don't think I'd use it for all day sunbathing (but then I never do that anyway.......)

Honestly it's a real 'desert island' product for me, no more suncream yay!
I was thinking of buying bareMinerals SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen as I HATE the feel of suncream on my face but there are very mixed reviews on QVC.

I was just wondering if anyone on here had tried it and if they liked it?


I bought it when it first aired Red but sent it back. The delivery system was hopeless, I couldn't get anything out on to the brush. I think it would be a great product if the delivery worked properly. It seems a bit hit and miss, some worked well for some people and others didn't.
I thought the brush was useless, ended up unscrewing the pot attached to the brush and tipping it in a normal (larger) pot. Quite impressed with the product but would only buy again if they just sell it in a pot as I think you pay a premium to get the brush dispenser which doesn't work very well.
Surely you would have to use a hell of a lot of product to get the full sunscreen protection, or am I missing something? Think I'll stick with Ultrasun Face 30 and Peter thomas Roth oil-free spf 30 for the time being.
I tried it, but sent it back - as with all BE their light/fairly light or whatever they put as their "palest" shade is not (why QVC can't stock "fair" I don't know) - the delivery was OK, a bit hit and miss, but I was orange so not for me!
I bought it and sent back as the delivery system is useless - however some one had posted on here that the bottom unscrews so I kept a bit! I don't sunbathe but I work in the garden a lot - yes it works on my face and I usually get a burnt conk. I hate sunscreens on my face.
Thanks for your replies.
Looks like a love it/hate it type item.
Ordered it after Janta's "love it" post BEFORE all the "hate it" members posted! lol
Will report back! :D
just to let you know, i tried it at selfridges - they have a counter so it is worth popping along to try it. i was worried about the colour match and i am glad i tried it was a bit embarrassing as the girl was convinced of which colour to use on me and it turned out to be completly wrong...she then went a shade lighter and it still looked odd. i think i do not get on with the BE colours and i am quite unusual in that, i know, as loads love them, but i have never been able to find one (they had a counter at champneys and all the foundations and not one of the suited me!!!)

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