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Oct 17, 2008
Hi all,
First post on here, though I've been lurking for a bit.
I won my first auctions on monday night and today recieved a beautiful ss mystic topaz ring and a pair of ss smokey quartz earrings.
The prob is the earrings. One is significantly paler then the other, and no way could I wear them as a pair. I'm so dissappointed, cos I love smokey quartz. :17:
Can anyone tell me if you still pay return charges if the item is faulty?
and how much is recorded delivery
Thanks in advance
Welcome to the forum marleybear. I would contact cs first as they are great and I'm sure they will help as much as possible. I seem to remember this happened to someone else (M4G?) wth a pair of cufflinks and it got sorted out very quickly. Their cs is really very good.
Hi, Marleybear!
Recorded delivery to send back the earring will be around £3 approx. Rocks will certainly refund thehat cost for you when you request either a refund of the whole cost or an exchange to another pair of earrings... their Customer Services are very good.
I would suggest that when you send the earrings back, you include a note of the amount the return delivery has cost you in an email to [email protected] and explain that this is info re a return for the umatched earrings.
I'm sure Rocks will sort it out for you, they are a really great Crew!
Yes Jacqualina - it was me, it was a pair of mismatched cuffys. There was absolutely no problem at all Marley, just contact them, and they'll sort it for you.

Hi again lol
Just to say I've rang customer services and they will refund postage cost and send out a replacement pair.
SUPER service. very impressed :35:
Hi marleybear and welcome to the forum. Really glad CS are sorting your problem out. Rocks are a first class team, which is why so many of us are constantly on here raving about them. :)

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