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Last christmas DD gave me the B&W dog watch with crystals on the bezel, and 2 have fallen out. She rang QVC but as it literally JUST falls outside of 12 months, they can't do anything. She has now emailed B&W to see if they can help.

Anyone else had similar problems/feedback from B&W? I know 12 months is a good time for a watch to last from QVC, but I do love it!
Just an update if anyone is interested or has similar issues with B&W items

They have asked me to send the watch back to B&W London, and will repair it for me :D
Thats good news then as I have the cats one and I love it to bits.......well not to bits, I hope it doesn't fall to bits but you get the general meaning.lol
B & W have an excellent customer service. Phone the shop in South Molton Street, they are very obliging and sort things out quite fast.

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