Autumn fashion circa 2001


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Its all the same old stuff from years ago. They must keep it in a storage and i wish they would bring some new modern items out instead of the same stuff year after year like those Markon fur rimmed boots and brown boring jumpers.:mad:
Yup, "pre-season autumn fashion" is just QVC speak for "warehouse clearance". They found some stuff round the back and decided to try and flog it. We have items here that were aired yesterday that have been in the wardrobe for 3 years. Couldn't even get rid of it on Ebay!!!! :D

Oh, don't forget Glen and his 5 to 7 working days mantra and his breathless gabbling. It's why God invented the mute button.
Is it just me but how can it be a preview if its stuff that you've already seen?? :confused: I was expecting new lines but its just the same old same old! How disappointing:(

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