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Jun 24, 2008
Has anyone had problems with AD? I don't usually order on AD, but recently I've ordered two things. An Ojon set and a L'Occitanne.

Now the Ojon second piece has not arrived. At the time I ordered and individual set, for a present, and AD for me. Separate orders but on my account they show as the same item number. QVC say the goods shipped on 28.02.2009 - they have not arrived and now I am making a claim. Thing is, I really have a gut feeling that they never actually sent it.
~Thing is, I really have a gut feeling that they never actually sent it. ~

I know it a different order..but the same went for a craft item ordered on the 27/2..gone missing..why is it always my craft items..and why are they always items that are now sold out????? I mentioned to the CS lady how I wondered if the item was ever sent :11:..she got a bit tetchy!!! We have proof here ect..mmmmmm :54:

I had trouble with the Ojon AD - but that was due to a 'clerical error' on their part (they put me down for 1 set, rather than AD, even though I double checked I was on AD when I placed the order).
My ojon was fine, it shipped 28th too and was delivered a couple of days after. I was running out of tawaka so it came just in time too.

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