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Jul 22, 2009
Did anyone else get the moonlight topaz earrings managers special last Sunday night? I got mine on Thursday and am in 2 minds whether to keep them or not. My authenticity card states- ORIGIN N/A ? Gems have always stated that location is key to them so why this? Was a bit puzzled so took them to my local jeweller to let him give them the once-over, not for a valuation just to see what he had to say. Admittedly he said he couldn't really say much as they are still in the sealed bag. After showing him the authenticity card he queried the gold weight 2.15g with ct weight 3.925 and weighed them stating they only weighed 4.3g -and this with them on the plastic card/packaging and the two didn't seem to marry! Does this sound right to any gems officianados?? Jeweller wouldn't really comment any further as he couldn't appraise them properly whilst in a plastic bag (must add I didn't tell him how much I'd paid for them). This has left me with a very sour taste in my mouth and I feel a bit miffed.
Has anyone any comments or know anything about gram/carat weights of gems? Or maybe I should just return them ? I'd be appreciative of any advice.
Apparently 2 carat = 0.4 gram (google is a wonderful thing!)

Soooo.....4 carat will be 0.8g,plus 2.15 for gold......that will be about 3g in total.

Of course you may have a larger carat weight as GTV state the minimum,so by my reckoning with the bag etc it sounds about right.
Well, all I can say is I'd sack your jeweller if I were you!!!!

The gram weight is for both earrings added together, so if you weigh them with the gemstones (which is what he did) you will get a slightly higher gram weight but not by much. So that bit's correct. You can't add the gram weight and carat weight together because the two things are different entirely. I'm bemused that a jeweller even did what you say! He must be on a very strange planet!!!

Look at it this way, do a Google search and find out how much it is for gold per gram. Then times that by 3g. I bet you that even without the stones that's about what you paid for the earrings?

In terms of origin - this is seriously NOTHING to worry about with Topaz. The Topaz you've bought has been treated (I'm sure you know that) and GemsTV will probably have bought it in like that. Topaz is a very cheap stone and origin isn't important at all with this stone.

If you like them, keep them. If not, then send them back. The bottom line is that I'm pretty sure Gems are right and your jeweller is an idiot!
Can't imagine a jeweller being best pleased to be asked to do this anyway. I'm surprised he didn't send you off with a flea in yer ear! lol xxxxxxxxx

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