Ashoka curries?


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Denise keeps papping on how they are full of omega 6 I'm sure I read somewhere last week that it's not good for you.
In my city, Ashoka is a hairdressers, so I'm not buying!
I think the latest food report I read said that Omega 3 oils are not good for you in excess, contrary to previous advice !
.... don't think I'd heard of omega 6..... is it far from Babylon 5???
I've bought these on the "buy one,get one free" offers and like them a lot.I usually cook some sliced chicken breast or lean pork and then just add a sachet of the sauce and serve with naan bread and a salad.They taste good,spicy but not too fierce. I've given a couple of sachets to friends to try and they were enthusiastic about them.I find one sachet is just right for two servings. Hope this helps.
Are they any good, and where else can you buy them other than ideal world.?
I don't usually buy ready prepared foods but I came across these at a friend's house and bought a BOGOF pack on the strength of that.

The ones I have are really yummy - as good as I could make and I use that as my standard. I'll certainly buy them again but you need to be careful with their labelling - "medium hot" means HOT!! and "hot" means ARRGGGHHHH!!!. I add some plain yoghourt to my serving to cool it down a bit.

The only thing is - on the show they said a packet would serve two. I tend to have one to myself (I'm a gannet). If I had to stretch a pack to serve two I'd add a couple of hard-boiled eggs per person to pad it out a bit.

Incidentally, the friend who introduced me to them is Indian, writes a column for a cookery magazine and knows from whence she speaks.
I get my curry spices from a brill site called spicentice. It originated when an Indian boy went off to University and wanted to be able to make curries just like his mum used to. She used to send him the ready mixed spices and a recipe to make his own authentic curries easily, just having to buy the meat and veg.
They've turned this into an internet business and they're great, beautifully packaged ready to go. They taste great too:muscle:
I have noticed Tesco's sell Ashoka Curries they are different flavours to Ideal World and they are about 39p each.

I'd rather buy just 1 or 2 from Tesco (and spend about 80p) to give me an idea of the quality of Ashoka than spending £30 (+p+p) at Ideal World for 24 of them.

If you do end up liking them then perhaps you can consider the Ideal World offer and try other flavours.
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My Tesco's sell the Ashoka Dal Makhani for 59p a packet.

Not in Tesco

I tried to buy these from Tesco and they wer'nt in my local Tesco in Leicester.

I tried to order some for home delivery but they never got delivered.

So I called Tecso to find out where I can get them and they said

"They are not stocking them due to a supplier problem."

So I called the Manufacturer in India.

They Said

"They are no longer supplying Tesco as they were selling them under the cost price as a lost leader to attract Asian Customers to their Stores and Website."

They also said tha the only places you can get the currently in the UK is from Ideal World, or web site mentioned earlier in this thread.

So I Looked at the Good Food Place Website as saw that their price was £2.00 per pack with free p & P for orders over £25.00.

so I ordered and got my delivery within 3 days.

And even though I paid a bit more I though, well its worth it as I just spent £26.00 and got 13 Packs of my choice and delivered in a few days.

And I must say they are excellent as are all these dishes. My favourite so far is the Patra.

I would have spent 29.99 + 5.95 P & P from Ideal world for 24 packs but also would have probably waited 10 days for delivery.

comparison is
Ideal World Cheaper at £1.51 per pack.

Good Food Place at £2.00 per pack. Plu si also got some E-vouchers for other websites. That could save me anothr £50.00 or so if I need anything.

Tesco never to be stocked again.
Thanks Dirkz, I just got the last two packets on the shelf tonight from my local Tesco. They have halved the shelf space for Indian food. Also very low on spices.
Have yet to find one I don't like of the varieties. My friends daughter used to live in Chennai (south india) and used to have them there and was introduced to them via the locals. Now I ship them from Bradford to Surrey for her!

The other make are Shania (or something similar) and they have a slightly different range. Equally as good IMHO.

Have a look for them in any Asian food shop...I usually find them for around 89p ish a pack.

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