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Not for me BusyLizzie. I don't like those shapeless trousers at all.

Size small: 24" waist - 40" hips. Is that possible?

Tell you what.....don't be shy, you go first! :13:

Wow, I must be psychic - when I saw your name as 'latest poster', I already knew without looking exactly what you'd written! lol

Sorry, no can do as......oops.....I seem to have spent all my money earlier on buying flavoured bottled water, what a shame, I'll have to wait 'til they come round again! :52:
my mum like it cause its different and has a high neckline but she dont have the money to buy it lol

Aww, go on SCW, buy it for her if she likes it! :)

(I don't like it partly because it does have a high neckline - high necklines do not suit certain features of my body shape! lol)
I don't mind the top too much. I don't like the trousers at all. I don't like cropped trousers on me or elasticated ones.

T'isn't for this Scottish beauty either. The words 'pass me the sick bag' spring to mind. Truly, truly hideous!
Apologies to people who do like it! I just can't imagine who would look good in it or why someone would want to walk around looking like they'd been graffitied.
I think the brand is like Quacker Factory and Indigo Moon - you either like it or you loathe it with a passion. Each to their own I know but why not offer us something with famous London/Dublin/Edinburgh/Cardiff landmarks for instance? :33:
Sorry dont want to offend anyone but I dont think the TSV would suit any nationality unless you are stick thin with no boobs, the highneckline will just make anyone, shall we say generously endowed on top look as if they have no neck and the baggy trousers I bet will look as if you have slept in them after a few minutes. I think my money is safe, mind you it usually is when there is a "fashion" TSV
A definite no to the brown cropped trousers, I wouldn’t want to look as if I got creative with a potato sack.:56:

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