Aren't Rocks doing Guaranteed Xmas Delivery?


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Nov 25, 2008
I received an email order confirmation on Monday for my first ever purchase and it said that I had opted for the 7-10 working day delivery and my item should be expected on or before the 22nd December.

Not sure whether to order anything else if it won't arrive in time for Xmas.

I've not heard any of the presenters mention a cut off date for Xmas delivery so can only assume that anything else I order will arrive after Xmas.

Luckily my order is all for me so even it does arrive that late then it isn't a problem but I must admit I'm looking elsewhere right now for Xmas pressies to make sure they arrive in time.

Will I be sent an email when my order is finally despatched?
I ordered a ring late wednesday night and it was delivered today (email did promise delivery on or before the 25th ) Must say great service only draw back was DHL stuck the parcel in a half full rubbish bin
I ordered a ring last Monday, email said delivery before 23rd, ordered a ring and pendant on Wed, email said on or before 25th. I had to call CS today with a query and asked if the 2nd order would be with me by Christmas - was told it would be, all the orders were sitting in the warehouse, waiting to be dispatched.
I asked if i would get an email (like it says on the site) advising when the goods ARE dispatched - she said I 'should' get a mail, but I could always call back tomorrow to see if they have left yet .... hmmm
didnt know they were open at the weekend
wonder how long they sit in the warehouse before they are shipped???
wee update
Got through to customer service yesterday - was told that the items were still sitting waiting to be dispatched ... they say the delay was because ... they are busy, I asked how long goods usually take from being ready to be shipped to being shipped, was told that dispatch had stuff going in and out all the time, they hoped the orders would be dispatched over the weekend for delivery Monday or Tuesday, but that they were busy...

I asked it I would get an email per order when they were shipped ... was told I might ... that sometimes the emails dont get sent, just to 'check your bank, when the money comes off, it means the order is shipped' .... not really happy with that, you cant track your delivery from your bank balance .... especially after angel.vamp's post - its bin day here on Tuesday, dont plan on my binman getting jewellery for Christmas ....

the paraiba should be shipped tomorrow (if I am going to get the ring on Tuesday like the original confirmation mail said, thats only of course if its shipped next day delivery) will just wait and see I suppose ...

not really promising for my first and second purchases ..... will let you know when I hear/receive something

you heard any more virginia10thk?
update ...
I called CS today to make sure my goods were finally going to leave the warehouse, to be told that the paraiba actually left on Friday! I asked why I hadnt been told this on Saturday - they couldnt answer - I asked for the tracking numbers for both orders as the 2nd order was leaving today, got them
tried on DHL website - nothing
called back and was told that the 2nd order wouldnt be delivered before Xmas it had missed shipping today but they would contact the warehouse manager, see if anything could be done, they would DEFF call me back!
didnt hear a thing - since as far as I was concerned, there wouldnt be a delivery today, there was no one home, had to leave work early
got home, still no ring or call - called back and was told that the woman I had spoken to (who was contacting the warehouse) had left for the evening and the goods hadnt been shipped!
that the last dispatch for pre christmas delivery was this morning ... so a word of warning, if its not gone and you expect it before Christmas - FORGET IT!

have had enough, told them to cancel the order. I know they hadnt taken the money, but it was 'on hold' in my acount (does it get released straight away??). Now need to try to get some time off (not like I am busy or anything) to try and get a pressie for my friend, because I am not going to let her down, like I have been let down (just hope the money is back in my acct)
anyway, the pariaba arrived at 5.20 (was worried as its bin day tomorrow here ....) and its lovely, but the whole experience has left it tainted ...

have decided its just my luck with shopping channels, think I am going to give up ... not worth the time, phone calls and effort!

good luck to everyone else with their deliveries!
Merry Christmas
How disappointing faerie. Not all shopping channels are like this. I haven't bought anything recently from A. N. Other channel selling gems, ordered very late Friday evening, it arrived this morning.

I spoke to my dad last Thursday on the net and he said that my zultanite and diamond ring had arrived, but I never got an email to say it had been despatched.

Obviously I haven't seen it yet as I'm still in Italy but I can't wait to see it when I go home for New Year.

I will take piccys when I bring it back over here if I love it. :7:

Do you have any piccys of your paraiba ring faierie?

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