are they watching us ?


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Jun 24, 2008
anybody know if any of the people that make the decisions at QVC towers read this forums posts ?any body got a family member working on the inside ????
In the past we have had posters that work for QVC, but they don't hang around for long.
If the powers that be read they don't act on suggestions.
A couple of us who went to the New year New you event in Jan 07 were speaking to one of the QVC staff who was asking for opinions about the beauty products they sell and she seemed well aware of this board's existence and it's content.

When I went round the studios (2005) they have TVs tuned into their competitors, like Ideal World all the time to monitor what their up to.

Jude x
They would be foolish not to keep an eye on this board and their competitors (however rubbish the competitors are)!
You would think so wouldn't you, yet their silence was deafening when we a lot of us spoke out against Basso on here.

Still, that doesn't prove they aren't watching us I suppose ;).
oh they knew about the Basso feeling alright cos they never asked for T-Callers or texts during any of his shows.....but we are a small minority ( tho' well-informed ) of their customers.
True and I do think Julia referred to us once, probably more than that.
Oh and like Grovesy said, we did have some insiders as members as well, didn't we!
Well if they do drop in, they sure don't take much notice of what we say.

Very regular gripes on here are:-

Lack of combined shipping.
Slow despatch and use of crap second class mail.
Lack of acceptance of certain payment methods e.g Solo cards.
Lack of Easypay on the most pricy items (whilst 4-pay is being offered on an £8 eye pencil!)
Hatred of T-callers.
Lack of decent fashion.

Has even one of those been addressed?:confused:
QVC towers don't consider all our requests as ELise posted before me.

BUT, they only act on our posts when it is in their a member finds a cheap price, an error in the system or so. In this case, they change the price within few minutes!!!!!
About a week ago JR was flogging a ring with a blue stone and she
said quote" there has been a lot of raves about this ring on a certain shoppingtv forum" she then said quickly "so I hear as I don't go on there myself" and seemed a bit embarrassed that she had said it.
They must be reading. Presenters defended Glen's rolled up jeans and what a nice guy he was the day after the thread appeared on here about him! I guess they might think we wouldn't notice despite the comments being irrelevant to the show.

They're like the truth -we know they're out there :)
I heard Julia's comment about the ring and was almost as surprised as she seemed about letting that slip out. Catherine Huntley and Leonie used to visit/post and other presenters were said to visit. I agree with Mrs James, you would check it out wouldn't you even if you dreaded what you might read about yourself.
We had MIke from MOP, Keeley from Elemis, and few other guest presenters.
I understood that it was frowned up on by QVC.
Yes they do watch and read.
I emailed them a few days ago about a product and mentioned "a forum" in my email to them, when the QVC guy rang me he said QVC had been onto the forum I mentioned to read about the concern on the Molton Brown issue, BUT I NEVER mentioned THIS FORUM though, I just said A FORUM. Strange I think .:eek:
Of course they read this forum - there have been too many half mentions of it , or things that have been discussed here.

Well look into my eyes QVC :eek: do something abour your p and p policy!!!!

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