Are IW Cancelling Christmas again this year?


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Jul 15, 2008
I wonder if IW have completely finished with Christmas as all I seem to find are Craft Days, Oh Joy! and other things that have a repeat every day almost now. It's a shame that they have gone this way but if they had better everything they would be doing OK.
Agreed, we are not all crafters. Even my wife who is a crafter does not watch all the craft programmes now. This point has been raised a lot recently, but it is true, IW are killing craft with the constant 4 day deals, craft days, POD's etc. Not only that, if I hear or see Steph Weightman again, I will scream :17: There are other crafts than Card making etc they could be pushing, but no, it is the same old stuff being pushed time and time again. Also, a true crafter would not dream of using a CD Rom. If your going to use one of those, you would be just as quick making a card on the pc, as there are a lot of programmes for the pc which let you do just that.
Yes so did I SCW - the stags and does and fleeces, quite a bit.

I disagree about CD-Rom's though icr24350 - I do agree there are too many on this channel and lots are rubbish, but Joanna Sheen is a wondeful crafter and her Cd's are a resource. There's no difference between buying toppers decoupage sheets and background paper to printing them IMHO.
With all due respect though, we have seen so little of xmas stuff when xmas is about 10 weeks away. At this time of year you would expect wall to wall xmas stuff and I personally reckon they can't get credit or suppliers for the seasonal goods the same happened last year. Last year there was one toy POTD and NO xmas ones at all.

It shocks me as we all know how popular the christmas shows were with Whatters and even Ryan the first year he did it, people calling in buying bucketloads of stuff, so in my opinion there must be a reason they aren't going hell for leather with it.

What happened to Bank Holiday august xmas weekend? One hour xmas segment on Consumer, Once at this time of year does not make xmas sales!
Must take issue with the remark about a true crafter never using CD Roms. I don't really bother with them that much, (although do like the Artylicious CDs) because I prefer to buy paper already printed. However, I do know a lot of people who love them and I would consider them to be "true crafters". Crafting has moved on and a lot of people utilise their PCs to enhance what they make and there is nothing wrong in that!

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