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Jul 1, 2008
South Yorkshire
I'm posting this as a new thread, as the Archos thread is a bit misleading. I was unfortunate enough to buy this Archos 5 as a TSV in April and it's now been returned.

To load your DVD's onto it (as they say you can!) you have to convert to a format Archos' recognises, which is not easy in itself (that's if it works at all !!) Neither me nor my techi son have been able to get our heads around recording from TV and to be honest, I've lost the will to live over this one

All I want is something small (perhaps a netbook eg) to save my DVDs onto so I can watch something decent when on long coach journeys. Internet access would be useful for when I'm on the go but not gonna be used for "heavy stuff" as I've got a PC for that. Can anybody recommend anything that will do this without tearing my hair out trying.

Pauline x
Netbooks normally don't have DVD drives.
You could buy an external drive, but it is more cost and you need to think about a power supply for it if on a coach.

You may be able to pick up a cheap laptop that may be a better option if you trip is a short one?
Although they don't have a cd drive you can always add an external one which does not cost too much then you can save all your discs onto the machine for playing later. Or you can download dvd's from lots of sites including itunes.

Also if you have a pc you could copy them over onto a netbook wirelessly. I have done this with cds.
If your main aim is watching DVD's you own simply then why not just get a portable DVD player for about £50 probably?

Even with a wallet of DVD's be far less bulky for travel. If you really just want to check your emails and simple stuff then perhaps use your mobile?

I have Archos but whilst done lots of things have never tried to put a dvd on there.
The way they are making smaller laptops now, I think you should be able to find a pretty small one with a built in dvd player, or maybe get an ipod and put the movies on there?

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