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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Does anyone have any thoughts on the Archs TSV today? Good price? Value for money etc? Any thoughts appreciated. TYIA.
Hiya Tabs:1:

Don't know much about this device but have had a look to find a review for you,thismay be worth a look clicky
It's for the 320gb version but the funtionality should be the same.

Having also had alook at the prices it does seem competitve too,especially as you also get the docking station which is £65 by itself on Amazon!!!

Someone on AVforums also reckons it's a great price too,those geeks know their stuff lol
If you are in the market for summat like this then I reckon with the easypay and 30mbg it's definitely worth going for:1:
SCW I think i would def use Easy Pay if i do go for it! Thanks Sweetpea, will have a looky (or get other half to) at the review site you mentioned :)
SCW I think i would def use Easy Pay if i do go for it! Thanks Sweetpea, will have a looky (or get other half to) at the review site you mentioned :)

well if you are going to use easy pay then i would say from my lookaround last night then your going to get a good deal as i came to about the same price with out easy pay so its a good deal in my eyes
Hi ,
Just my personal experience with Archos in case it helps - I bought the AV700 which has the TV built in and so will record from terrestrial and is an excellent machine .
I then bought a more recent one with the docking station which I ended up sending back because the Archos website is no help at all . They take days to respond to your e mails . When you phone up they tell you the obvious .
My problem was with getting the electronic programme guide to work . It did work at first but then refused to update itself until it drove me mad trying to fix it .
I am quite 'techie' so I got on the forums and everyone else said much the same .
However , they are fab when they are up and running . you might have more luck than me .
Tabs, I'm typing this message via my Archos 705 wi-fi and absolutley LOVE it! Mine is the 80GB one and it still stores more than I'll ever need! The TSV is a beauty and well worth the money especially as it's on 3 x Easy-pay and tbh, if I didn't have one already, I would be very tempted to buy this much sleeker and 'prettier' model! I download loads of stuff fom my SKY plus box and have also downloaded approx.70 albums and hundreds of photos from my PC and there's still enough space for more! I usually take it abroad so I can watch something other than the foreign language stuff on offer in the apartment on those nights I'd rather stay in and with regard to albums, unless you own an MP3/4 player, it saves having to take loads of CD's or DVD's away wth you too! You can always send it back if you don't get on with it but if you are anything like me and just love fancy gadgets, then once you own one you'll want to keep it as it's so useful [Oh, and if you are a member of Quidco, you'll get another 5 per cent off the price too, so even better value than elsewhere I reckon!]thumbs up
Ordered this on Sunday night and it's just arrived, I usually wait 10 - 14 days for
delivery, orderes must be low for it to arrive so quickly.
Can't open it yet as DH is home today.
Anyone else get theirs yet.
Hi WillNilly,

I orderded late on Sunday night and mine arrived today too. It came by our normal Postie Special Delivery. Wow I am amazed how fast it has took. I usually wait a good week or more for QVC stuff. Unlike other posters on here I am quite lucky with Ideal World and they usually beat QVC delivery. Anyway I have not had much of a look at it yet. As Hubby is unwell. I have never owned an Archos before and was toying with an Archos 5. When I saw the price of this Archos & TSV it worked out about the same price for a much bigger screen. I know there is not so much memory than the 5 I was looking at, but hey do I need all that memory:22:
All the best Jean
Well I registered mine and everything went fine, but when I later tried
to get my free plugins it would not accept the code.
Phoned Archos and went through all the things I did at registration
everything fine then the operator asked for the plugins code, I was then informed it was the wrong code and he would get back to me "sometime"
that was 3 hours ago.
Not sure what to do wait or ring QVC.

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